Victoria’s paintings are an internal exploration through her constantly changing external environment. She's a bit of a wild one, definitely a free spirit. A black sheep in her family and someone who likes to go on adventures and take crazy risks. She has had a few near-death experiences while searching for inspiration, but none has put any fear into her soul.

Victoria's first Abstract Expressionist painting was created in 2012, and she immediately fell in love with the process. She started solo traveling for months at a time in 2015 when she left the Interior Design industry to advance her career as an Artist. She delves deep outside her comfort zone and at times she feels like a Warrior, other moments vulnerable and fragile. Each painting holds a true expression of her emotional experience and she has created several large abstracts while living in these different Countries. Some of her paintings have traveled many miles before they have even start their journey to land on your walls and adorn them with conjured memories or wistful dreams.

She feels her purpose is to help people connect to an untamed side of their being, to a sense of freedom and excitement...to get their imagination flowing.

"I want them to see what they want to see, to feel alive when they spend time with my paintings. To uplift them and remind them of the importance of adventure"


The Inspiration Behind Her Paintings

Victoria has been pushing her comfort boundaries through traveling in 4 different countries over the past few years. Just her with her small dog Pedro and paint supplies, she pursues a mission to find her authentic being. She allows her surroundings - whether jungle or city - to inspire her and has found each environment brings a distinctly different emotion into her work and peels back another layer revealing her true self. 

For the most part, her work is large, bold abstract paintings that show how beautiful it is to just let go. Her work is inspired purely by the colours she comes across in her daily experience, architecture and her expeditions into the wilderness. Starting with a more traditional approach with her technique at the base layers, she creates the rest with an unplanned movement and flow of her chosen tools leading to a very raw and organic feeling.

Victoria grew up in Nova Scotia and, at the moment, resides and works in Montreal and Toronto. She has been involved in many forms of art from a very young age but spends most days painting. Her earlier works focusing mainly on Nature Landscape, she has evolved into the realm of Abstract Expressionism calling upon one of her favourite quotes from Kazimir Malevich 'art need not represent the things of the world; rather, it could exist in or for itself'.

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